Web based CRM Application software development Service in Hyderabad.

Unistop CRM Applicationlets you manage your leads and customers from your browser, not very expensive application, lengthy deployment or expensive consultants required. There are several ways leads, prospects and customers get in you CRM. First, you can import them via Excel file. Second, you can enter them manually. Third, can be automatically imported when someone fills out a form on your website (web to lead), sends you an email (email to lead) or calls you (phone to lead). Even if you don't answer the phone, the lead can be automatically created.

You can send emails individually or mass mailing. You can create custom email templates. You can create email marketing campaigns. You can keep all email correspondence with your prospects and clients inside CRM so that you know who wrote what and then. .

Leads can be automatically assigned based on where they came from, total deal amount. Or that a task is automatically assigned when a certain deal stage is reached. Or that email message is sent when a condition is met. Or that a phone call is scheduled automatically. And lots of other things, like expense approvals, business trip requests and so on..

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Price Rs.15000 only. Domain charges extra.